Specialized Property Management San Antonio: How to Get Your Property “Rent Ready” and Rent Quickly

Getting Ready:

The struggle to find great tenants to fill a rental unit quickly is real. Property Management, San Antonio, can be tough.  A trusted company, like Specialized Property Management, can help you prepare your property to be “rent ready” so that you can get it leased quickly with the right tenants.

First Impressions:

Preparing your property to be “Rent Ready” means the home has been cleaned, repaired or remodeled, and is in good condition for new tenants. Before you put your property on the market for lease, here are tips that real property management San Antonio area firms use to get their clients’ properties “rent ready”:

  1. Curb Appeal: Be sure to take a look at the property from across the street to see what your prospective tenants might see. Does the home have an unsightly exterior? Is the landscaping maintained? Address these issues to ensure the home is visually appealing.
  2. Remodel. If the home requires any major remodeling, refrain from showing the house while it is under construction. Wait until the renovations are complete before giving prospective tenants a tour.
  3. Maintenance. Thoroughly inspect the property and make a note of what repairs or updates are needed. Repair a broken fence, replace malfunctioning appliances and fix damaged tiles. Replace air filters and light bulbs.
  4. Clean & Repaint. It is crucial that you have the home professionally cleaned and repainted. Be sure to fix any holes in the walls or doors before painting. Repair or replace any carpet that shows signs of damage (or doesn’t come clean after a professional carpet cleaning).
  5. Security & Safety. Re-key all exterior doors. Repair or replace any damaged windows and screens. Install or replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well as fire extinguishers.
  6. Utilities. Remember to keep the utilities on until the tenant moves into the property. Prospective tenants will see that the property is in working order and can envision themselves living there.

Let’s Get to Work:

Enlisting the help of professional real property management, San Antonio area owners know is well worth the investment. At Specialized Property Management, working with one of our San Antonio area leasing agents, we can help you review your market rent assessment and determine an appropriate rent amount. Once the rental property is deemed “rent ready”, we will begin aggressively marketing your property to get the unit filled by the best possible tenant in the least amount of time. Put our team and experience to work for you.



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