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Top Mistakes San Antonio Landlords Must Avoid

  Even experienced landlords run into problems and make mistakes with the management of their rental properties. If you’re a new landlord renting out your first property, you might think it’s as easy as finding a tenant and collecting rent. In fact, those things are rarely easy, and there’s a lot more than goes into […]

Getting Your Property Rent-Ready in San Antonio

To attract outstanding San Antonio tenants, you need to catch their attention with strategic marketing and a constructive showing experience. But, before you can advertise your rental home or let prospective tenants see it, you have to make it rent-ready. Getting it ready for the San Antonio rental market means making sure it’s spotless, habitable, […]

What Types of Fees Can I Expect with a San Antonio Property Management Company?

For many successful landlords and investors, working with a professional San Antonio property management company can help increase the return that’s earned on their investments. While there is a cost associated with high quality leasing and management services, you are likely to more than make up for those fees with higher rents, better tenants, and […]

Guide to Conducting Routine Inspections for your San Antonio Rental Property

Regular inspections of your San Antonio rental property will allow you to keep it well-maintained. It also ensures your tenants are taking care of it and following your lease terms. There are two instances in which inspections are absolutely necessary. These times are right before a tenant moves in and immediately after a tenant moves […]

How to Deal with the Eviction Process in San Antonio

San Antonio evictions can be unpleasant for both landlords and tenants. While you might not want to think about the process you’ll follow in case of eviction, it’s important to be prepared. A good way to reduce the risk of having to evict a tenant is with excellent tenant screening. When you place someone with […]

DIY vs. Professional Property Management in San Antonio

If you’re thinking about managing your own rental property, it’s understandable. You might think you can save money by not paying a management fee every month. And, if you like to do home improvement projects, and you probably think you’ll have no problem keeping up with the repairs that your property will need. DIY property […]