10 Steps to Faster Leasing by the Leading San Antonio Texas Property Management Company

With the average vacancy lasting longer than a month, it’s natural for rental property owners to be anxious about filling vacancies as quickly as possible. For many inexperienced property owners, lacking the knowledge and resources to fill that vacancy quickly can lead to even longer vacancy periods, which can take a toll on your cash flow. That’s why having Specialized Property Management, the leading company in rental property management San Antonio, TX, has to offer, at your disposal can be a game changer, providing you with valuable leasing resources.

10 Leasing Steps from San Antonio Texas Property Management Leader

With their proven leasing process, Specialized Property Management can help you find the most reliable tenants who can shorten vacancy times and save you money.

  1. Prepare: we get your property to a rent-ready state by rekeying the home, installing a lock box, cleaning and repairing the property as needed.
  2. Set Rent: our rent rate assessment helps your rental will be profitable and lease quickly.
  3. Advertise: using proprietary marketing strategies developed exclusively for our San Antonio Texas property management firm; we advertise your property aggressively across dozens of sites and local outlets.
  4. Answer Inquiries: our on-demand customer service team makes it easy for applicants to call or text with information requests; being diligent to respond promptly to prospective applicants.
  5. Schedule Showings: with responsive and professional leasing agents, we can schedule property showings quickly.
  6. Collect Applications: accepting as many applicants as possible allows you to have a large pool of prospective tenants to choose from.
  7. Screen Applicants: our San Antonio Texas property management team is careful to screen applicants using criminal, credit, employment and rental history background checks.
  8. Select Tenants: helping you select the best possible applicant based on the results of our screening process.
  9. Lease Signing & Move-In: setting clear expectations for tenants and handling all the details and contracts.
  10. Provide Unsurpassed Customer Service: with weekly leasing updates, online owner portal access and first-class service, we strive to offer you the best owner experience possible.

Why Choose Us For Your San Antonio Texas Property Management Needs

At Specialized Property Management, the premier rental property management, San Antonio, TX, firm, we’ve streamlined the leasing process to reduce costs and ensure the highest quality of service. Our priority is to help you avoid frequent and long vacancy times. Setting the stage for a good experience will assure your tenants that they’ve made the right decision moving into your property. Learn more about how we can help by calling us today!

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