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Who’s Responsible for Pest Control?

It’s not unusual for pests to make their way into your rental property at some stage during a tenancy. Although both tenants and landlords are eager to remedy infestations quickly, it can be difficult to determine who is responsible for paying for pest control. Is the landlord solely responsible for paying all pest control costs or is the tenant expected to pay up as well? The team at Specialized Property Management company, San Antonio, has a few guidelines to help determine who’s financially responsible.

When a Landlord is Responsible

Under Texas state law, landlords are legally responsible for what is called the “implied warranty of habitability” meaning they are required to maintain a livable premise. This includes routine pest control. However, it is imperative that owners stipulate clearly the expectations for pest control in a contract. Every lease contract may be different, but reasonable pest control is the cost of the owner.

What about bed bugs infestations? Often bed bug treatment is not reasonable and can cost thousands of dollars. A quality property management company, San Antonio-based firm will advise including a bed bug addendum to the lease agreement. This makes renters aware of what bed bugs are, how they are transmitted and how to protect the property from becoming infested. It also clearly defines financial responsibility for remediation of such infestations.

When a Tenant is Responsible

A tenant is responsible for managing pest infestations such as fleas caused by pets, or ants, rats, and cockroaches due to uncleanliness. If a pest infestation can be linked to tenant living conditions, it’s the tenant’s responsibility to remediate. Excess moisture from poor upkeep or unreported leaks can also attract pests. Specialized Property Management company, San Antonio, advises landlords who discover such living or pet conditions to issue a formal compliance violation notice to ensure the tenant is prompted to change their behaviors to avoid future infestations or are in danger of violating their lease terms.

How Our Property Management Company San Antonio Team Can Help

Pest control isn’t cheap so the issue financially responsibility can create tension between landlords and tenants. That’s why having our property management company to mediate these situations is helpful. With Specialized Property Management on your side, you can rest easy knowing we take care of the situation from clarifying financial responsibility with tenants to arranging pest inspections with trusted professional exterminators. Call us or Request a quote today and let us help you!


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