responsibility of property manager in san antonio

The Many Duties of Property Management San Antonio, TX

Becoming a rental real estate owner in San Antonio is a fantastic way to add an extra stream of income. However, rental owners are all too often overwhelmed by the never-ending list of responsibilities. That’s why many hire property managers like those at Specialized Property Management San Antonio, TX, for help.

What Exactly Does a Property Manager Do?

Typically, a good proper manager will offer the following services as a standard part of business. Choosing a company like Specialized Property Management San Antonio, TX, can make all the difference. Your property manager should be able to:

  1. Evaluate and Establish Appropriate Rent Rates. By researching the local market and evaluating the rates of nearby similar rentals, your property manager should be able to provide you with an appropriate rental rate estimate to ensure that your property will rent for a fair market price.
  2. Provide Effective Marketing Strategies. A key component of a good property manager is the ability to effectively market your rental property to fill your vacancy quickly with the best tenants possible by making your property sound appealing to prospective tenants and properly advertise your property’s assets.
  3. Screen and Vet Quality Tenants. Your property manager will filter all calls and applications, perform necessary background checks, and take prospective tenants on property tours. They also follow up with all applicants to inform them of their application status.
  4. Manage Rent Collection. Collecting rent, handling late payments, and other financial issues are the job of a property manager. Setting up an online rent payment system for tenants and offering direct deposit for property owners is the mark of a quality property manager.
  5. Oversee Property Maintenance. Keeping the property clean and tidy, overseeing in-house maintenance and landscaping crews, as well as handling tenant concerns, are all a part of property management. Typically, the manager hires a third party to handle such tasks for a large property.
  6. Conduct Move-outs and Evictions. Assess potential issues and deduct repairs beyond normal wear and tear from tenant security deposit. This includes cleaning, repairs, and refreshing the rental for the next tenant. Handling evictions by strictly following all property management San Antonio, TX, laws and regulations.

This continuous rental cycle can be very time consuming and a drain on your resources if you are inexperienced. Working with a company like Specialized Property Management San Antonio, TX, means you’ll have more free time and less stress because your property manager is handling all the minutia. Call us today at (210) 686-3090 for a free rental consultation


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