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SPM Partners with Roofstock for Seamless Real Estate Investing

Specialized Property Management, a residential rental management firm with locations in Texas, Georgia, and Florida, has been named as a certified partner of Roofstock, the leading online marketplace for buying and selling  single-family rental homes. “Our relationship with Roofstock allows us to offer a one-stop solution for investor clients seeking a more predictable, revenue-focused real […]

How Much Should I Charge in Rent for my San Antonio Property?

Choosing the right rental price for your San Antonio rental property doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s important not to underprice your home, because that will mean you earn less rental income every month. When you start with a price that’s below market, you’ll attract tenants, but it will also be more difficult to increase […]

What to Look for When Choosing a San Antonio Property Manager

San Antonio rental property owners need to choose carefully when they’re looking for someone to professionally manage their homes. It doesn’t matter if you’re an owner with one property or an investor with 100 units; you need someone who is going to effectively care for your property, your tenants, and your finances. There are a […]

10 Steps to Faster Leasing by the Leading San Antonio Texas Property Management Company

With the average vacancy lasting longer than a month, it’s natural for rental property owners to be anxious about filling vacancies as quickly as possible. For many inexperienced property owners, lacking the knowledge and resources to fill that vacancy quickly can lead to even longer vacancy periods, which can take a toll on your cash […]

3 Keys to Better Communication From One of the Best Property Management Companies in San Antonio

After searching for landlord property management, San Antonio, you’ve finally decided to trust one with your rental home. You can now rest easy knowing that the day-to-day responsibilities of being a landlord have been properly delegated. The hassle of dealing with tenant issues and the burden of keeping up with the multitude of laws, codes, […]

5 Keys to Cost-Effective Maintenance for Rental Property Management, San Antonio

The goal for every landlord is to find reliable quality tenants who pay on time, want to stay long-term and are careful to maintain the property.  However, too many owners avoid addressing needed maintenance concerns to save money. By doing so, they sabotage their chances of keeping good tenants, who become frustrated when the rental […]

10 Guidelines for Landlord Property Management, San Antonio Firm Suggests for Avoiding Legal Issues

Navigating the multitude of laws and regulations attached to rental property ownership can not only be overwhelming but also costly if handled improperly. That’s why many investors choose to hire a real property management San Antonio firm to stay abreast of local, state and federal law to reduce liability, avoid litigation and costly expenses. 10 […]

7 Steps to Better Rent Collection From Specialized Property Management San Antonio, Texas

Rent collection is the most important aspect of owning rental property. Ensuring that you receive payment on-time is crucial to managing a successful investment. However, even the most well-screened tenants can struggle from time to time to pay their rent on time. In some cases, you may need to begin the collections process or even […]

5 Tips a Crime-Free Rental Home in San Antonio Rental Property Management

No real estate rental owner is ever truly immune from the possibilities of criminal activity in or around your rental property. So what can you do to ensure that rental property stays safe? San Antonio rental property management company Specialized Property Management has five tips for keeping your property crime-free: The Tips: Watch the Neighborhood […]