10 Guidelines for Landlord Property Management, San Antonio Firm Suggests for Avoiding Legal Issues

Navigating the multitude of laws and regulations attached to rental property ownership can not only be overwhelming but also costly if handled improperly. That’s why many investors choose to hire a real property management San Antonio firm to stay abreast of local, state and federal law to reduce liability, avoid litigation and costly expenses.

10 Rules To Avoid Legal Issues for Landlord Property Management, San Antonio

  1. Be Accommodating: the Americans with Disabilities Act requires that landlords allow tenants to install access features to the property without hindrance but can require the property return to its original state before move-out. Landlords may not charge extra fees for service animals.
  2. Be Fair: the Fair Housing Act states that landlords may not make housing decisions based on race, color, sex, orientation, religion, handicap or familial status.
  3. Be Safe: Habitability Laws require that landlords provide safe housing conditions to all residents without additional cost to the tenant.
  4. Be Conscientious: rental repairs should not be made by an unlicensed professional or landlord, property management San Antonio firm advises. Owners should always hire a licensed and insured maintenance specialist for all rental repairs.
  5. Be Licensed: landlords who choose to conduct activities relegated to realtors must be licensed real estate agents or face costly fines.
  6. Be Available: owners must be responsive and available for maintenance requests at all times. This is why hiring a real property management San Antonio firm to manage these requests 24/7 is the smart choice.
  7. Be Diligent: improperly handling securing deposits and other funds through trust accounts can lead to costly fines.
  8. Be Accountable: keep accurate, time-stamped records of all tenant communication and service request fulfillment as evidence in the event of litigation.
  9. Be Trustworthy: be sure that all confidential tenant information is kept and handled securely at all times.
  10. Be Knowledgeable: landlord property management, San Antonio, requires that owners stay current on all federal, state, and local laws and industry regulations at all times to ensure compliance.

The Most Trusted Landlord Property Management, San Antonio

Keeping track of every single law, code or regulation associated with owning rental property is more than one person can handle alone. Hiring a real property management, San Antonio firm to help avoid the risk of liability and potential for costly litigation is worth every penny spent. With over 35 years of experience and local expertise, Specialized Property Management has the knowledge and resources to handle all your property management needs. Call today and receive the peace of mind you deserve.

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